Re-Elect Arthur "AJ" Honore Stafford City Council
Re-Elect Arthur "AJ" Honore Stafford City Council


Fiscal Conservative Progressive Ideas


#1 Goal Maintain Zero Property Tax.  As a Financial Analyst  I am an Advocate for Responsible Spending, Carefully Focused Revenue Enhancements and zero based accounting principles.



Core Values!

Youth, Family, Community


Policies and Programs that  graciously help families to live above the burden of life's circumstances and give our youth and elderly access to bold new ideas and solutions to build the mind, body and spirit.



Economic Development


Hold City Leaders and Developers to the Vision of our 25 Year Comprehensive Development Plan.  Growing a thriving economy  and solutions for a small 1st tier urban city.   Putting Stafford in the forefront of technology that improves the standard of living for our residents.





As partners with SMSD and HCC provide leadership in forming a Municipal Development Corporation under the Better Jobs Act for long-term job training and early childhood education.  Elevating the Best Little School District in Texas.



Stafford has always been more than a typical city.  We are born to be more.  We are a collection of diverse neighborhoods with leadership that must set a higher standard of fiscal responsability and open democracy to advocate for the needs of our municipality.  As a candidate for City Council, I have one overarching ambition - keep zero property tax...serve the ordinary citizens of Stafford, TX and represent their interests.  


As you browse this website I hope to convey to you my values, work ethics and beliefs.  Stafford is a City Born to Be More and I pray that you will endorse the ideals of this campaign and join with us to expand on the belief that Stafford can yet be even more as we develop our youth and plan for the next 25 years.


We want to hear from you and ask for your financial support. Fill out our contact form or call 281-969-5200.

Sincerely yours,

Arthur "AJ" Honore

I am seeking re-election because I believe a better Stafford is possible. Unprecedented challenges require bold leadership to find the right solutions. Learn more about the values that drive our campaign.


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